Business continuity

Stage 5 - Exercising and plan maintenance

Ensuring plans are fit for purpose, kept up-to-date and quality assured is an important aspect of business continuity management. It's no use if on the day of an incident you pull out your plan and discover that it's outdated and refers to old staff structures, functions and systems.

Business Continuity Management considerations

Key points to consider in maintaining your Business Continuity Plan:

  • develop a structured exercise programme – this is so staff know what's expected of them and can more effectively deal with an incident when it happens
  • develop a maintenance programme - this ensures your organisation remains ready to handle incidents despite constant changes that every organisation experiences
  • perform regular audits - this will enable an impartial review against defined standards and policies and provide remedial recommendations

Your Business Continuity Plan should become a living document which is reviewed regularly, ensuring that it remains up-to-date and effective.

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