We control aspects of building (or structure) demolition within the area, except when buildings are exempt from such control.

Exempt buildings

Buildings exempt from demolition control are:

  • buildings having an external size of less than 50 cubic metres (less than the average double garage)
  • extensions on a larger building that consists of an attached conservatory, shed or garage
  • buildings used solely as agricultural buildings
  • work in occupied buildings where it is intended that it should continue to be occupied

If you intend to demolish a building

If you intend to demolish a building or structure that is not exempt you should give notice to our Building Control team before any demolition work starts.

The notice must be in writing and must specify the building to be demolished. A copy of the notice should also be sent to or given to the following:

  • the occupiers of any building adjacent to the building to be demolished
  • Work Scheduling Station, British Gas
  • The electricity supplier
  • Yorkshire Water

What we do when we receive a notification

When we receive a notification that you intend to demolish a building we can respond by 'serving a counter notice' (section 81 notice) which sets out conditions that must be met during the course of demolition.

Starting demolition work

Demolition work should only start after either:

  1. we have served a counter notice, under section 81 of the Building Act 1984
  2. a period of six weeks has passed since we received your written notification

Demolishing listed buildings and buildings in conservation areas

Any alteration of a listed building involving partial or complete demolition requires formal listed building consent. Unauthorised alteration is illegal and can result in prosecution.

The substantial or complete demolition of an unlisted building in a conservation area requires conservation area consent. Our conservation officers can advise you on whether your proposals need formal permission.

Health and safety when demolishing a building

The Construction Design and Management Regulations apply to most demolition work. For advice visit the Health and Safety Executive website.

Asbestos materials and demolition

If you find asbestos materials during demolition work you must notify the Health and Safety Executive immediately and follow their requirements for safe removal and disposal followed by the demolition contractor.

Unless the skip operator or other contractor is already licensed to transport asbestos based products a licence will be required from the Environment Agency to move any asbestos based material off site.

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