The Bootham Park site is extremely important to York. Its Grade 1 and 2 listed buildings and grounds have been a focal point in York life and healthcare since 1777.

Council and health partners continue to work together to make sure that any future development respects the site's significance and meets York's needs.

A consultation took place in 2018 and a Site Development Report was produced in response, published in July 2019. This report is influenced by a Health Impact Assessement.

The former Bootham Park Hospital is vacant and is back on the market after a proposed sale fell through earlier this year. The council and the York Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust own adjoining land.

A map of the Bootham site showing area ownership A map of the Bootham site showing area ownership


All three sites together creates a larger area which would allow for a more comprehensive approach to development, offering potentially greater benefits to the city by providing:

  • better health facilities
  • new housing
  • more parking
  • improved access across the site and to the Hospital
  • new accessible public open space

Bootham Park

In October 2018, the public consultation resulted in an open community brief which identified important themes and preferred uses of the site.

Our consultants took this information, together with input from many other stakeholders and produced the Site Development Report in April 2019.

These activities were funded as part of the government's One Public Estate programme, which supports public bodies to use public land and property to boost economic growth, supply housing and regeneration, and integrated public services.

As the Site Development Report was being finalised, the site's owners, NHS Property Services (NHSPS), announced the appointment of a preferred bidder for the Bootham Park hospital site in April 2019. We hoped to discuss this report with the bidder but were advised by NHSPS in July 2019 that discussions with the bidder were no longer taking place.

The Bootham Park Hospital site is back up for sale. Although the council and the Hospital Trust don't own the Bootham Park site, there's still an opportunity to further develop ideas for the site before reporting these back to Executive later this year. As part of that, we've again sought your views on the published report.

The following is an indication of what could be achieved. It balances partners' and public wishes with the need to generate good value for present and future owners:

  • 147 dwellings
  • 52 key worker apartments
  • a new physiotherapy suite, medical training and research centre of excellence
  • a 70 bed care home
  • 60 assisted living/supported living apartments
  • a new children's nursery
  • a 250 space multi storey car park
  • extensive public open space

We believe the published report represents a stable and affordable response to the open brief as well meeting the healthcare, housing, transport and green space needs of this area and the wider city.

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Sale of Bootham Park

The former Bootham Park Hospital closed when it proved to be an unsuitable and inappropriate environment for modern mental health services.

We want to ensure future developments at Bootham Park continue to protect the significant heritage of the site and create improved links with the wider area.

The NHS is legally required to sell any properties or assets which no longer have an identified health use. This frees up money being spent on maintaining empty sites while providing money to re-invest in the NHS.

Sales of health assets have contributed to a significant investment in our region's facilities, including the £49m new 72-bed mental health facility on Haxby Road which will deliver care to high modern standards from 2020.

It has always been clear that private investment will be needed to achieve the desired mixed use development, including public access, of the site.

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Site development plan for Bootham Park

In 2018, we asked residents and businesses for their thoughts about the future development of the Bootham Park site. We received nearly 1,000 comments in response to a three-week consultation. See the original exhibition boards.

Local engagement experts My Future York compiled your responses into an open community brief. Our designers, IBI Architects, used this brief along with extensive conversations with partners, heritage groups and other experts to develop the emerging ideas.

This represents one proposal for a viable use for the site which preserves the site's heritage and delivers benefits for the people of York. There are other proposals which may achieve the same aim.

The following detail the various options, how they respond to the open community brief and the wider issues which shape development on the site:

Heritage and development opportunities

The site features a mixture of grade 1 and 2 listed buildings, including the original 1777 John Carr hospital. Its grounds and setting are also protected by this listing. Whatever the future use and ownership, these elements must be protected and maintained.

A map of Bootham Park showing the listed and unlisted buildings A map of Bootham Park showing the listed and unlisted buildings


There's an opportunity to develop some of the newer and less significant buildings which surround it. We're also keen to remove structures and surface level car parking which are seen as detrimental to the heritage of the area.

The emerging ideas also explore how development could take place to pay for the required investments, allowing for ongoing preservation of the site's heritage and developing community uses on other parts of the site.

A diagram showing the potential change to the buildings of Bootham Park

A diagram showing the potential change to the buildings of Bootham Park

A diagram showing the potential change for the landscape of Bootham Park

A diagram showing the potential change for the landscape of Bootham Park


Any new buildings would need to be designed from appropriate materials, and to an appropriate size and height in order to be sensitive to the surrounding 'heritage' setting.

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Links to healthcare

The consultation evidenced the strong desire for Bootham Park to retain links to healthcare in York. It also focused on opportunities the site offered for the district hospital to expand.

Mental health services need to be provided in more suitable, modern buildings. which will be met by the construction of a new 72-bed residential mental health facility on Haxby Road due to open in 2020.

The site development plan suggests the main hospital building could provide 'extra' or 'step-down' care needed by people being discharged from hospital before returning to independent living.

It could also include 'supported' apartments to meet a growing need for older people to move from less suitable family homes. New buildings would provide apartments for key health workers, a physiotherapy wing and a training and research centre for the Trust.

A map of the healthcare opportunities at Bootham Park

A map of the healthcare opportunities at Bootham Park.

  1. unlisted and some grade 2 listed buildings could be removed and replaced by a Medical Training Centre of Excellence
  2. key worker accommodation
  3. main former hospital building converted to 'extra care' apartments
  4. landscape area redesigned to provide a semi-private garden and courtyard space
  5. childcare nursery directly accessible from the York Hospital site
  6. multi-story car park with approximately 150 spaces to rationalise parking around heritage buildings and provide extra spaces for proposed uses
  7. care home
  8. residential development designed for the senior market

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Access to open spaces

Open spaces on the site could provide more benefits for health and well-being. This green space has been used as sports fields in the past.

While many people have used the site's green spaces up until the 1980's, York residents have never enjoyed formal open access to these facilities. Our site development plan hopes to make this happen for the first time.

This could include:

  • a play or fitness trail (like at the University and in Homestead Park)
  • sports provision for school and community use

The peaceful nature of the site was highlighted during the community consultation, as well as the need to retain links to the site's history as a place for mental health care. The proposals would see a calm, peaceful area designed for contemplation, and a sensory, dementia-friendly area which would also be used as a memorial area for former patients.

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Transport Links

Connections to the site and hospital

The proposals could create space for better access both to and through the site, and importantly to the hospital by all modes of transport. In particular, it would drastically reduce journey times for patients in non-emergency ambulances.

Replacing the surface level car park with a modest and well-designed multi-storey coach and car park would improve what is an important gateway to the city as well as widen the access point onto the site.

Walking and cycling routes

Together with the new pedestrian and cycle access over Scarborough Bridge, future development on the Bootham park site offers an exciting opportunity for sustainable and car-free routes connecting the station to the hospital and beyond to the Nestlé site. It would also better connect the community to town and the rest of the city along the pathways around the Ouse.

Paths could run north to south and east to west through the site, separated from road traffic. This would open up access to Gillygate, benefiting both residents and local businesses. It could also provide an improved connection to the footbridge crossing the railway (Scarborough Bridge).

A map of Bootham Park showing the through routes A map of Bootham Park showing the through routes.


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Housing for all

The site has potential to provide homes to meet some of York's identified housing need. The emerging plan identifies 199 homes for the site, of these 57 homes could be affordable, including those for key workers at the hospital.

There's also potential to provide:

  • family housing
  • homes for older people
  • homes for those living with dementia
A map of the Bootham Park site showing the housing opportunities

A map of the Bootham Park site showing the housing opportunities.

  • mustard - housing (including senior living and market)
  • red - key worker accommodation
  • peach - extra/'step down' care
  • blue - multi-story car parking
  • purple - care home
  • pink - nursery
  • yellow - medical training centre

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