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Archaeological publication

If significant archaeological features are found during an excavation, the results may warrant publication.

Publication can take the form of:

  • an entry in a suitable journal
  • a digitally enhanced publication

Before preparing a paper for publication, the archaeological contractor must discuss the scope, length and suitable form of publication with the City Archaeologist.

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Requirements of archaeological publication

Digitally enhanced publication is preferable; the Internet Archaeology is supported by the Archaeology Data Service (ADS).

Where full publication is not required a data paper may be necessary to signpost the reader to any enhanced digital content that may form part of the digital archive.

Contractors should contact Internet Archaeology or similarly suitable digital outlet at the outset for estimated costs of a data paper and digitally accessible publication. This is to give the commissioning client an indication of potential costs.

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Preparing for publication

For publication findings must be re-written, edited, and enhanced where necessary with further research, to produce a format which is suitable for the readers of the journal and which meets the requirements of the editor.

The appointed archaeologist is expected to send a publication proposal to the editor of the journal to:

  • indicate the significance of the findings
  • briefly discuss the archaeological remains which have been found
  • give historic background
  • compare the site with other local and where relevant national sites
  • suggest a scope for the paper, proposed figures, estimated length
  • suggest the financial contribution towards the cost of the publication

For the purposed of the procurement tendering process estimated costs for publication are limited to pages in a printed journal and are indicated in the hypothetical briefs.

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