Dog attacks

Neighbourhood enforcement officers are only able to deal with 'dog on dog' attacks. We are unable to deal with 'dog on person' attacks.

In the case of a 'dog on person' attack, please contact the police on 999 for an emergency or 101 for non-emergency.

'Dog on dog' attacks

The term 'dog on dog' attack is used when one dog is attacked and injured by another, and in general no injuries to a person have taken place. Action can be taken to deal with a 'dog on dog' attack under the Dogs Act 1871; this piece of legislation can be used by both the Police and Local Authorities.

The Dogs Act 1871 applies when a 'dog on dog' attack takes place either in a public place or on private property. Similar to the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991, a series of restrictions can be imposed in relation to the dog, however unlike the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991, it carries no criminal conviction.

If we investigate, we can take the accused dog owner to court. The court can give an order for the dog to be muzzled, neutered and kept on a lead, and an order made to pay costs.

In order to help us investigate 'dog on dog' attacks, the following information is helpful:

  • description of the attacking dog – breed, markings, age
  • description of the owner/dog walker
  • address details of the attacking dog
  • whether the dog was on a lead
  • the location and time of the attack
  • whether there were any witnesses
  • whether any vet bills have been incurred as a result of the attack

To report a 'dog on dog' attack, contact our Neighbourhood Enforcement Team.

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