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Chimney height approvals

We must approve the height of any chimneys associated with large boilers and furnaces to ensure that emissions are sufficiently dispersed into the atmosphere.

Contact the Public Protection Unit (Air Quality) to request an application form for 'chimney height approval', note that:

  • your application must contain enough information to enable us to make the necessary calculations
  • we'll return a written decision within 28 days of receipt, unless otherwise agreed
  • application for approval is free of charge

If we fail to deal with your application within the agreed time, approval without qualification or condition is automatically given.

The need for chimney height approvals

The Clean Air Act includes regulations which control smoke emissions and require the height of chimneys to be approved.

Under Section 14 of the Clean Air Act, if the height of the chimney has not been approved by us, or any approval conditions are not adhered to, it is considered an offence to 'cause or knowingly permit a furnace to be used to:

  • burn pulverised fuel
  • burn at a rate of 45.4kg per hour or more, any other solid matter
  • burn at a rate equivalent to 366.4kW or more, any liquid or gaseous matter'

A chimney height approval may be required for:

  • construction of a new chimney
  • increasing the combustion space of an existing furnace
  • adding a new furnace to an existing installation
  • changing the fuel burnt in an existing furnace
  • replacing a furnace with one having a larger combustion space

Contact the Public Protection Unit (Air Quality) to check if a chimney height approval is required.

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