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Air quality monitoring

We undertake monitoring of air quality across the city using 'diffusion tubes' and 'real-time monitoring equipment' - the latest results are available on our dedicated air quality website Jorair.

Results from our real-time monitoring around the city are shown on the Air Quality England website. This site includes a daily 'Air Quality Index' (AQI) value which indicates how polluted the air currently is, or how polluted it is forecast to become.

Where we find levels of pollution above health-based standards, we will declare Air Quality Management Areas (AQMAs) and draw up Air Quality Action Plans (AQAPs) to improve air quality, in consultation with residents, businesses and other key stakeholders.

Nitrogen dioxide diffusion tubes

Our nitrogen dioxide diffusion tubes monitor air quality at over 230 locations in the city.

These low cost monitoring devices are mounted on lamp posts and property facades. Each tube is exposed to the air for a period of 1 month, before being sent to a laboratory for analysis.

Diffusion tubes are used to estimate the annual average levels of nitrogen dioxide at different locations around the city. The results are then compared with health-based standards.

Diffusion tube results are available on the York Open Data Platform.

Real-time monitoring of air quality

Real-time monitoring of air quality is undertaken at 9 sites across York where concentrations of nitrogen dioxide and particulates are measured on a minute-by-minute basis, and compared with health-based standards.

Real-time monitoring site Pollutants monitored
Fishergate (roadside) Nitrogen dioxide, Particulate Matter
Bootham Hospital (background) Nitrogen dioxide, Particulate Matter
Gillygate (roadside) Nitrogen dioxide, Particulate Matter
Lawrence Street (roadside) Nitrogen dioxide
Holgate Road (roadside) Nitrogen dioxide, Particulate Matter
Nunnery Lane (roadside) Nitrogen dioxide
Plantation Drive (roadside) Particulate matter
Heworth Green (roadside) Nitrogen dioxide
Fulford Road (roadside) Nitrogen dioxide

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