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Sports clubs funding

Hub Club Fund

The Hub Club project aims to help established sports clubs to encourage community engagement by developing hub sites to utilise as community venues. The project aims to support sports clubs in increasing the number of individuals visiting their facilities through hosting multi-sport and physical activities at the site to maintain and improve the health of York residents. For example, a multi-sport hub venue may add a new bowls session, to encourage new membership.

Every year the Hub Club project will look to support 5 established clubs that are seeking to improve their community and to offer health and wellbeing advice.

The Hub Club project will increase participation in sport and physical activity of all kinds by ensuring that all sections of the community are aware of all available activities and where they can go to get involved.

See further information about the Hub Club Fund:

Funding requirements and criteria

Clubs applying for the funding must:

  • own their own facility that has a clubhouse or indoor space
  • have recognised National Governing Bodies accreditation
  • identify an individual to become a ‘Community Health Champion’ - it's desirable but not essential that this individual is a club committee member

A member of the club must also sign up for Mental Health Awareness for Sport and Physical Activity+ training. This person will be responsible for being the mental health and wellbeing champion for the club and members.

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Apply to become a Hub Club

Hub Club Fund applications will only be considered during the annual application windows, the timeframes for which will be provided on this page when applications are due to open.

Applications for Hub Club Fund are currently closed.

The first round of grants in the 2022/2023 financial year opened on 4 April and closed on 31 May. Grants for this window were issued in June 2022.

The second round of grants opened on 5 September and closed on 31 October, with grants issued in November 2022.

For further help applying for funding, contact the Sport and Active Leisure Team.

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What the project will fund

Successful applicants will receive up to £1000 of funding to spend on improving the quality of experience available to new and existing members to diversify and increase opportunity for under represented groups.

Hub Clubs will receive specific support in the following areas to aid their development:

  • funding applications
  • facility development advice and support
  • improving participation
  • community engagement and club promotion
  • improving health and wellbeing knowledge
  • education and development for volunteer and coach roles

Funding received must be spent on improving the quality of sporting experience on offer at the club, such as:

  • coaching qualifications for existing coaches, for example to become a coach in a different sport
  • coaching and tutor costs for the community sessions
  • sports equipment, for example for a new sport activity

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Responsibilities of Hub Club Fund bid winners

Hub Clubs will offer new community sessions as a way of increasing their involvement with the local community. These community sessions should meet the demand of the club’s associates and local community and should not be an additional session exclusive to existing club members.

There is also the expectation that a Hub Club would have a voluntary committee member responsible for Health and Wellbeing within the club. They would receive training, free of charge, relating to this subject area. It would be expected that this ‘Community Health Champion’ would utilise this knowledge to aid developments within their Hub Club site.

As a result of receiving this funding it would be expected that the Sports and Active Leisure Hub Club would complete or provide the following:

  • some form of community engagement based upon an identified need from club associates and local community – an example of which could be setting up a running group to engage parents of a junior sports team
  • a record of the number of individuals the club has engaged with as a result of the wider community work carried out via this funding for monitoring and evaluation purposes

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