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Our ‘A' Boards policy details areas of York city centre where advertising boards are prohibited. It also covers other advertising materials such as:

  • mannequins
  • menus
  • lecterns
  • planters
  • goods on display

The policy relates to adopted highways (roads, pavements and verges) within the prohibition zone; it does not apply on private land. The zone is located in the city centre and its boundaries are set out within the policy.

The policy applies to private businesses, public or private organisations, and other bodies. It provides details of the background issues leading to the need for a defined policy, suggested alternatives to advertising materials, and the intended management and enforcement methods.

Alternatives to 'A' Boards

The policy details alternatives to 'A' Boards, which may be appropriate, for example:

  • wall mounted boards
  • remote shared boards
  • hanging signs
  • awnings

Other forms of consent may be required, such as advertisement or listed building consent. Contact planning.enquiries@york.gov.uk to check if a formal application is required.

'A' Boards on Micklegate

It has been determined that Micklegate is an appropriate location to consider the use of 'A' Boards due to the width of the footways and other characteristics, which are not typical of streets within the prohibition zone.

'A' Boards are therefore allowed on Micklegate with a licence.

An 'A' Board licence application can be submitted with a charge of £110. The licence will last for 1 year.



If you have any questions about the policy please email us at aboards@york.gov.uk

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