‘A’ Board policy

The placement of ‘A’ Boards (advertising boards and other advertising materials) on streets included within the city centre will be prohibited from 1 February 2017.

The policy outlines the details and areas of the city centre where this will be enforced.

This includes all areas of highway maintained at public expense (adopted) including carriageway, footway, footpath or verge. This applies to any private business, organisation or other body (public or private).

The policy does not apply to areas of land in private ownership/control. The full policy provides further information on the background issues, alternates and intended management of the policy.

Alternatives to ‘A’ Boards

Initial detail is provided on pages 5, 6 and 10 of the Policy. Further information will become available over forthcoming months, including the scope for a City Board or Remote/Shared Boards.

Other advertising materials

In addition to 'A' boards, other advertising materials prohibited will be:

  • mannequins
  • menus
  • lecterns
  • planters
  • goods on display


It has been determined that Micklegate is an appropriate location to consider the use of ‘A Boards due to the width of the footways and other characteristics, which are not atypical of the zone its sits within. Details of the licensing approach are set out on page 7 of the policy.

A licence for 1 year will incur a charge of £110.00.

Apply for an 'A' board licence

The need for a licence will apply to any other location which the council determines, is in accordance with the policy and criteria related to a remote or shared ‘A’ board.


If you have any questions at this time please email us at aboards@york.gov.uk

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