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York Skills Plan

The York Skills Plan 2017-2020 focuses on how we and our partners are working towards two key priorities for the city:

  • developing, retaining and attracting talent in York - support local business growth, as well as businesses within commuter distance of York
  • creating a prosperous city for all - where local businesses can thrive, residents have opportunities to get good quality, well paid jobs and everyone's supported to achieve their full potential

We've developed the York Skills Plan through consultation with:

  • business groups
  • employment support agencies
  • education and training providers
  • public sector and voluntary organisations

York Skills Plan's links with other cities

The Skills Plan also focuses on how we work across city boundaries through links with:

The Skills Plan works in conjunction with the York Economic Strategy and the City of York Council Plan.

The York Skills Plan was officially approved on 1 August 2017 at Council Decision Session (Economic Development and Community Engagement). The relevant Scrutiny Committee will monitor the Plan's performance.

York Skills Plan's objectives

The York Skills Plan has the following objectives:

  • provide a great education, better connected to business - support the progression of all young people from learning to earning
  • connect more people to jobs, career progression or starting a business - target integrated ways of working with disadvantaged and vulnerable people
  • grow the apprenticeship offer - create jobs for young people and develop the skills of existing staff
  • make better use of higher education talent and resources - develop talent for graduate level jobs; ensure access to higher level training and learning
  • tackle skills gaps and shortages - harness employment and career opportunities across all sectors

York Skills Plan's ambitions

We want York to be one of the top 10 UK cities for:

  • employment rates
  • levels of skills and qualifications
  • wages above the national average by 2025

The York Economic Strategy includes these ambitions, which will be tracked by Centre for Cities.

We also want to create the best improvements in outcomes for certain groups, such as:

  • disadvantaged and vulnerable people
  • young people with special educational needs
  • youth offenders
  • adults with learning difficulties
  • the long term unemployed

York Skills Strategy 2013-2016

The previous York Skills Strategy 2013-2016 set out a clear ambition to ‘Unlock York Talent’. This aimed to support the economic vision of York to become a 'top 5' UK city and 'top 10' mid-sized European city in terms of Gross Value Added and jobs.

'We want to inspire employers and individuals to increase their investment and participation in relevant skills to achieve higher productivity, competitiveness and innovation to support business growth, and to develop a world-class skilled workforce to attract inward investors and better paid jobs, higher employment security and job satisfaction for individuals.'
- (York Skills Strategy 2013-2016)

The strategy focused on the following priorities:

  • skills for business growth – developing a flexible and more productive workforce
  • skills for employment – connecting people to jobs and opportunities
  • skills for the future workforce – nurturing and supporting our young people

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