Health and social care

Health and wellbeing in York's wards

Life expectancy in York is rising; the average for women in the city is 83 years and for men it is 79 years, with approximately 80% of this time spent in good health.

However, life expectancy and time spent in good health differs between the most affluent and the most deprived areas of York:

  • for women the difference in life expectancy is just over 5 years
  • for men the difference in life expectancy is just over 7 years

Health and wellbeing in local areas

A difference in health and wellbeing is also visible at ward level.

Some of York's wards face a variety of health and wellbeing issues because of the behaviours and lifestyle choices of the residents living in that area, such as the effects of:

  • not getting enough exercise
  • smoking
  • binge drinking
  • eating a high fat, salt and sugar diet

Health and wellbeing can be affected by things that are not so obvious or well publicised, such as:

  • loneliness and isolation and its effect on mental wellbeing
  • the importance of remaining physically active to retain strength to prevent trips and falls

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