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People and communities

Ward Budget City Wide Fund

The Ward Budget City Wide Fund compliments the funding available through individual ward grant applications, and is specifically designed to support projects operating in 2 or more wards in the city.

The maximum amount available through an application to this fund is currently £10,000.

These guidance notes explain what the Ward Budget City Wide Fund can support. They will also help you fill in the application form.

If you have a question in relation to the grant funding process, or if you'd like to make a comment, suggestion or complaint, contact the Communities Team.

Ward Budget City Wide Fund priorities

The 4 priority areas which Ward Budget City Wide funding can be used to address are:

  • Health and wellbeing
  • Tackling the cost-of-living crisis
  • Environment and Climate Emergency
  • Equality of Opportunity

These priorities link directly to One City for all - the Council Plan 2023 to 2027.

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Eligible organisations

Groups and organisations can apply if they:

  • are ‘not for profit’
  • have an appropriate governing document or constitution
  • have a bank account in the organisation’s name with at least 2 signatories who are not related
  • have at least 3 unrelated trustees, directors or management committee members

Groups and organisations which cannot apply for a grant include:

  • public agencies
  • individuals
  • profit making organisations
  • schools

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Eligible projects

In order to be eligible for funding projects must show that they can do 1 or more of the following:

  • support residents in York to lead their best lives
  • support healthier lifestyles and social inclusion
  • bring people together to strengthen connections and relationships within communities
  • deliver and connect people with the support that they need
  • support people and communities facing the greatest challenge due to the cost-of-living crisis
  • encourage financial and emotional resilience
  • enhance the environment and encourage sustainable practice

The following types of projects cannot be funded:

  • projects where the funding awarded cannot be spent within the agreed funding period
  • projects which have already been completed - funding cannot be awarded retrospectively
  • commercial projects, such as shops and businesses
  • projects which have party political or religious goals
  • projects which are not legal
  • projects which do not comply with City of York Council policy and decisions
  • projects where necessary consents have not been obtained
  • projects submitted by organisations who have received funding previously and have outstanding monitoring information
  • projects which are solely for the benefit of animals

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Apply for Ward Budget City Wide funding

To request a Ward Budget City Wide Fund application form, contact the Communities Team and a form will be issued to your organisation.

Applications close at midnight on Sunday 16 June 2024.

Please note that any organisations who are in receipt of current grant funding from the Ward Budget City Wide Fund may not apply for another grant until the project is complete and satisfactory monitoring information has been received.

If you've previously applied but were unsuccessful you can apply again, but we encourage you to contact the Communities Team to discuss your new application.

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Ward Budget City Wide Fund decision panel

A panel made up of city councillors and council officers will consider the applications and make recommendations on the award of funding.

These recommendations will then be passed to the Director of Customer and Communities for final approval.

The panel will use the following criteria to inform the award of a grant:

  1. Matching the 4 priorities - What is the extent to which the project addresses at least 1 of the 4 Ward Budget City Wide Fund priorities?
  2. Social impact - What difference will this project make and to how many people. Will the project reach the right beneficiaries?
  3. Measuring success - Is the appropriate evaluation mechanism included in the project? How will the recipient measure success?
  4. Research to support the application/evidence of need - Are results of any consultation, research, or statistical information included in the proposal?
  5. Value for Money - Is it clear from the application that the project represents value for money?

We will also be looking for innovative projects which offer the opportunity to test new approaches supported by evidence of emerging need.

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Ward Budget City Wide Fund right of appeal

There is no right of appeal in the event of an application being refused.

Applicants may be encouraged to re-submit their applications following the feedback from the panel.

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Ward Budget City Wide Fund payments

The payments of approved grants will be made within 10 working days after all the relevant information has been returned, including a signed grant agreement form.

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Monitoring and reporting progress

A final report showing how allocated funds have been used is required no later than 3 months after completion of the project.

Organisations may be asked to attend Ward Committee or other meetings to promote and report back on projects as appropriate.

Monitoring information may be used as evidence of need and good practice in council and partnership meetings and may also inform future funding opportunities and projects.

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Repayment of Ward Budget City Wide Fund award

We will require the organisation to repay all or part of the sum paid if:

  • the money is not used for the purpose specified, unless changes are made by prior agreement between the council and the organisation
  • the organisation does not provide relevant evidence as requested, such as monitoring form and invoices
  • the organisation does not spend the sum within the agreed funding period
  • the organisation is wound up or ceases to exist

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Further applications

Applications for an extension of the project or continuation funding will not normally be considered.

Groups and organisations can only apply for and hold 1 grant from the Ward Budget City Wide Fund at a time, and can only make an application for repeat funding or for a new project once a grant monitoring form has been submitted and approved by the panel.

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