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Births, deaths and marriages

Tell Us Once bereavement services

The Department for Work and Pensions Tell Us Once (TUO) service lets you report a death to multiple local and central government services, which can be helpful to reduce ‘paperwork’ when you’re coping with the emotional difficulties of bereavement.

When you register a death at York Register Office you don’t need to bring any additional documents for the TUO service; the registrar will provide your unique reference number and tell you how to access the TUO free telephone line or website.

The registrar will take the information needed from you to produce a ‘Capture letter’ with a unique reference number for the Tell Us Once Service. You will then be able to contact Tell Us Once online or by phone to provide all the details for the relevant departments and services.

You can also use this service if the coroner has given you a coroner’s certificate of the fact of death, otherwise known as an interim death certificate.

You may access the service by telephone; the registrar will give you details. You will need the death certificate plus the information listed on this page.

Information you will need to use the ‘tell us once’ service

You will need to know the following information about the person who has died:

  • their national insurance number and date of birth
  • details of benefits or services they were receiving
  • their driving licence or driving licence number
  • their passport or passport number
  • their vehicle registration number
  • their next of kin
  • any surviving husband, wife or civil partner
  • the person dealing with their estate

‘Tell us once’ enquiry.

If you have a query or need help with ‘tell us once’ Please email with;

  • your name and contact number
  • the name of the person who the tell us once code relates to
  • the date and place of death
  • state whether the death has already been registered or whether the matter is with the coroners

One of the registrars will contact you within 2 business days regarding your Tell us once query.

What happens with the information you provide for ‘tell us once’

The information you give will be treated securely and confidentially. The organisations who are contacted will use the information to:

  • update records
  • end services, benefits and tax credits as appropriate
  • resolve any outstanding issues

They may use this information in other ways, but only as the law allows.

The information you provide will be used to update records and will not be used to start new claims. You must contact the relevant organisation if you want to make a new claim to any benefit.

Can I use the ‘Tell us once’ service if someone dies abroad?

You can use tell us once when someone dies abroad (when visiting an EEA or Commonwealth country), but used public services in England, Scotland or Wales.

Find out more about the TUO service from GOV.UK, including what information you'll need to gather and which government areas the service covers.

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