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Streets, roads and pavements

Street furniture

Out-of-hours emergencies

During normal opening times we deal with urgent problems within 2 hours; use our eForms to report problems.

To report an emergency (fire, flood, criminal act, or circumstances posing risk to public health and safety) that requires immediate attention 'out of hours' (after 5.00pm Monday to Thursday, or between 3.00pm Friday and 8.30am Monday), telephone: 01904 551550.

We maintain and repair:

  • benches
  • bollards
  • bus shelters
  • fences
  • guardrails (which protect pedestrians from the road or river)
  • railings

Report a street furniture problem

Use our eForm to report problems with street furniture. See which street furniture problems we can help with and our street furniture response times.

Report a street furniture problem

Our street furniture responsibilities

We can:

  • repair damaged bus shelters
  • clean bus shelters
  • replace missing benches, fences, railings or guard rails
  • fix damaged benches, fences, railings or guard rails
  • fix damaged illuminated bollards, including any electrical issues

Our response to street furniture problems

We aim to:

  • respond to urgent reports within 2 hours
  • respond to non-urgent reports within 4 working days

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