Trading Standards Officers are responsible for ensuring that the products businesses sell are safe for consumers to use.

Product safety investigations

We use a number of different methods to ensure that products manufactured or imported by York-based businesses meet legal requirements, and participate in nationally co-ordinated sampling projects in which 'higher risk' products are 'test purchased' and sent for testing.

Examples of our product safety work include advice to local businesses on products for use by children, and ensuring food made in York meets legal requirements in relation to allergens and additives.

We have also taken action in relation to unroadworthy vehicles sold in York, and tested products such as children's clothing to assess fire safety compliance.

Product recalls

For information on recalled products, see the Chartered Trading Standards Institute (CTSI) website.

Check whether your electrical product has been recalled via the Electrical Safety First website.

Dangerous products

Some products are dangerous if they are not used with care or are handled irresponsibly.

Trading Standards ensure businesses selling products like explosives (fireworks) and petroleum are complying with storage conditions.

Report any concerns about the safety of products to Citizens Advice.

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