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Travel and transport

Local Transport Plan 2011 to 2031

Our third Local Transport Plan (LTP3), covering 2011-2031, is available to download.

It sets out the transport policies and measures that will contribute to the city's economic prosperity over a period of 20 years, whilst meeting challenging national and local targets for reducing emissions.

All local authorities in England and Wales have a statutory duty to produce and keep under review a Local Transport Plan (LTP), which sets out their transport policies and plans.

Challenges for LTP3

It is expected that there will be a significant growth in jobs and housing in the coming years.

The make up of York's population will also change, with more older and dependent people expected to be living in the city. This will increase the pressures on the transport network, which could lead to current levels of delay increasing, contributing to more emissions of greenhouse gases and pollutants that affect air quality in some areas of the city.

Contents of LTP3

LTP3 builds on the successes of the first 2 Local Transport Plans to provide a high quality, well planned, fully integrated and efficiently operated transport network in order to limit, as far as possible, any future delays and to enable the city to continue to function.

This is expected to be achieved through:

  • providing quality alternatives to the car to provide more choice and enable more trips to be undertaken by sustainable means
  • improving strategic links to enhance the wider connections with the key residential and employment areas in and around York, and beyond
  • encouraging behavioural change to maximise the use of walking, cycling and public transport and continue improving road safety
  • tackling transport emissions to reduce the release of pollutants harmful to health and the environment
  • enhancing public streets and spaces to improve the quality of life, minimise the impact of motorised traffic and encourage economic, social and cultural activity

Preparation of LTP3

Preparation of LTP3 has drawn upon public consultation responses, key policy influences (local, York wider area and national) and evidence, gathered over a 2 year period.

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