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Planning and building

Local heritage list for York

The 'local heritage list' (LHL) is proposed to be a list of 'assets' (buildings, monuments, sites, places, areas and landscapes) that contribute to the special local architectural and historic character of York and are valued by the community.

Nominated assets will need to meet one or more 'selection criteria' to be included in the Local Heritage List for York:

  • architectural significance
  • townscape and landscape significance
  • historical significance
  • artistic significance
  • archaeological significance
  • age and rarity
  • community significance

We value York’s heritage and have been working with York Open Planning Forum to establish the list. The local heritage list for York supplementary planning document (SPD) supports our Local Plan Preferred Options (June 2013).

The LHL for York aims to:

  • recognise the contribution of local heritage assets to York’s special character and significance
  • add to the community’s knowledge and enjoyment of their environment
  • promote the conservation, repair and enhancement of local heritage assets
  • encourage people to take pride in the conservation of local heritage assets
  • promote good design for development affecting local heritage assets

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