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Haxby and Wigginton Ward

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Your ward councillors are:

Your ward councillors set priorities and work to address them with input from partners and residents. They host ward committee meetings and events, and lead a team of officers/partners working in the area.

You can attend events and committee meetings in your ward to find out about how local priorities are being addressed. View agendas and minutes from Haxby and Wigginton Ward committee meetings.

Ward profile, priorities and funding

The Haxby and Wigginton Ward profile contains statistical information about the area and is updated regularly.

Based on feedback from residents, ward councillors have set the following current ward priorities:

  • providing opportunities and activities for young people (sport, recreation, learning and creativity)
  • delivering family friendly or community safety initiatives (including road safety improvements)
  • improving mental health and reducing loneliness and social isolation (especially for the elderly)
  • promoting accessibility and inclusion in Haxby and Wigginton
  • enhancing our green spaces, facilities, and buildings
  • fostering pride in our community and keeping Haxby and Wigginton tidy
  • tackling climate change and improving health and well-being

Ward budget

Each ward has a budget to spend on local priorities.

The ward budget for 2021 to 2022 is £35,106. This is made up of the allocation of the COVID-19 Recovery Fund, the Pride in York Fund and the Core Funding.

The ward also receives a budget allocation for improvements to local highways. This is a 4-year programme and the amount allocated for 2019 to 2022 is £126,000.

Consultations and decisions on funding happen at ward committee meetings and through surveys and councillor surgeries.

Ward grant applications

Community groups and voluntary organisations based in the ward can apply for budget funding by making a ward grant application.

This ward is currently inviting ward grant applications. See further information about ward grant applications, and how to apply.

Community projects eligible for grants may include services for the local area, such as projects which:

  • help to achieve ward priorities
  • provide a service in the ward
  • provide opportunities for ward residents to become involved

Residents' Associations, Parish Councils and Planning Panels

There is no active Residents' Association in this ward.

Parish Councils in Haxby and Wigginton are:

Planning Panels are not active in areas where there are Parish Councils.

Contact your Community Involvement Officer for more information on Residents' Associations and Planning Panels.

Support in your ward

The City of York Council Health Trainers offer free health and wellbeing support.

Our skilled Health Trainers are able to offer confidential one-to-one support and guidance, face-to-face or remotely, to help you with:

  • healthy eating advice and weight management
  • finding new ways to be more active
  • quitting smoking
  • reducing your alcohol intake
  • finding groups and activities to get back out in the community

Haxby and Wigginton Ward information

Stay up to date with what's happening in Haxby and Wigginton Ward by::

Ask your CIO to add you to their email list for news and events updates.

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Tim Waudby

Community Officer

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Telephone: 07769 914823