Health and social care

Going into or coming out of hospital

If you go into hospital and need some extra help, the hospital will contact us via one of our customer advice centres. We will come and talk to you, and anyone else involved, and work out what sort of help would be best for you.

When you are discharged from hospital we will ensure that if you are eligible to receive services, you will receive the help you need. If you cannot go home there are other options that we can advise about.

We can arrange help for anyone over 18.

For more information please see our Hospital Social Work Team leaflet.


When you are in hospital it is likely that your benefits will need to be reassessed. When you come out of hospital your benefits may also need reassessing.

If you are going into, or coming out of hospital, and you claim housing or council tax support let us know as soon as possible.

Find out more in our benefits section of the website.

Cost of help

You do not have to pay for the social worker to visit and advise you.

If you need some social care services we will arrange for you to have a financial assessment. This assessment will work out if, or what amount, you can afford to pay to contribute towards the cost of the care you receive.


If you need any advice about going into or coming out of hospital, call in, write to, ring or fax one of our customer advice centres.

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