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Early Talk for York is an approach to improve speech, communication and language of children aged 0 to 5 years.

Good communication skills at 5 years of age are strongly linked with a range of positive outcomes in later life, including:

  • reading and writing skills
  • employment
  • mental and physical health and wellbeing

The Early Talk for York approach trains staff in primary schools and early years settings so they can spot any issues with speech, communication and language early, and work with the child and their family or carers, and other professionals if necessary, to address them.

Early Talk for York provides a consistent assessment of children’s speech, communication and language which early years and school settings can use routinely to identify any speech, communication or language problems in the children they’re working with.

Early Talk for York works with professionals, including speech therapists, and with families, to help address any issues.

In a pilot project working with schools and early years providers in the west of York, children in the pilot group showed significantly improved speech and communication skills at age 5 years compared to children who did not receive the same programme of support.

The programme is now being rolled out across York to all primary schools and early years providers, and we want everyone to get involved.

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