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ECO Stars fleet recognition scheme

ECO Stars York is a free, voluntary 'fleet recognition' scheme. It provides recognition and guidance on best practice for operators of vans, goods vehicles, buses and coaches, whose fleets spend a significant proportion of time operating within York.

See details of current ECO Star York members or read about the benefits of the scheme.

Get involved with ECO Stars

The scheme is open to operators of all types of commercial vehicles and to fleets of all sizes. Free membership is available to operators based in, or outside of York, whose vehicles spend a significant amount of time serving the York area.

The scheme is managed in York by Transport Research Laboratory (TRL).

For further information, or to join the scheme, contact:

ECO Stars (York) c/o Transport Research Laboratory (TRL)
Crowthorne House
Nine Mile Ride
RG40 3GA

Telephone: 01344 770700
Email: ecostars@trl.co.uk

ECO Stars in York

'ECO stars York' helps fleet operators to:

  • save money through improved operational efficiency
  • gain awareness of their role in improving local air quality
  • improve fleet environmental performance which impacts climate change

Our scheme:

  • uses 'star criteria' to recognise levels of operational and environmental performance
  • rates individual vehicles and a fleet's overall road transport operation
  • is straightforward to join and has no formal audit process
  • provides members with tailor-made support to ensure their fleet is running as efficiently and economically
  • helps members to progress to higher ratings

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ECO Stars Fleet Recognition Scheme

ECO Stars (York) c/o Transport Research Laboratory

Crowthorne House, Nine Mile Ride, Wokingham, Berkshire, RG40 3GA

Telephone: 01344 770700