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Apply for a Discounted for Sale property

Discounted for Sale properties offer an affordable home ownership option for people who can't afford to buy a property on the open market.

To apply for a Discounted for Sale property, complete our affordable housing application form and return it with the required documents to our Housing Registrations Team.

We cannot guarantee how long you'll have to wait to buy a Discounted for Sale property - it could be a few months, a year, or more, depending on:

  • homes which become available
  • the number of bedrooms you request
  • whether you match the financial requirements
  • how many other people are looking for a similar property
  • how flexible you are on location

Affordable homes are offered to residents of York in the first instance. Non-resident applications will only be considered if a home is not sold to a York resident during the initial marketing period.

Eligibility for affordable home ownership

You must be able to show that:

  • you cannot afford to buy a house at the full market price
  • you can get a mortgage
  • you have sufficient savings for a deposit and legal fees
  • the combination of your savings and your income would not allow you to buy on the open market

You must seek advice about mortgages specifically for affordable housing and have a 'mortgage promise' prior to us being able to consider your application.

You will not be considered if:

  • you can afford to purchase on the open market
  • your annual income is under £15,000 (unless you have substantial savings)
  • you currently own or have a share in another home
  • you are unwilling to provide income/ mortgage details
  • you are a cash buyer (except in exceptional circumstances)
  • you have a bad credit history - this means that you would not normally be able to get a mortgage

If your housing needs change

The current policy is targeted at first time buyers. If you already own a 'discount sale' home you won't be eligible for another, unless your housing needs have significantly changed (you need a smaller or larger home).

In these circumstances, if you're assessed as eligible you'll need to ‘resell’ your affordable home before the final legal completion of any future discounted sale.

Also see

Housing Registrations Team

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Telephone: 01904 554044