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Customer service standards

Our Customer Service team is responsible for all ‘first point of contact’ with you. We're committed to providing excellent service regardless of how you choose to contact us.

We aim to:

  • answer your telephone call within 20 seconds
  • speak to you within 10 minutes of your arrival at our office
  • acknowledge your email within 24 hours but if the issue is urgent please contact us by phone

Our staff should:

  • always wear a name badge or tell you who you are speaking to
  • provide their service in a courteous, responsive and timely manner irrespective of age, gender, cultural or religious background, disability, sexual orientation, or need
  • inform you how long you can expect to wait if you have requested the use of a Council Service
  • where applicable, tell you of any associated costs with the Council Service you have requested
  • have the right skills and behaviours to deal with your enquiry
  • apologise if you did not receive a response to your enquiry within given time frames

Help us to help you

To help us deal with your enquiry, we ask that you:

  • are courteous to our staff at all times
  • treat everyone with respect regardless of how you contact us, including via social media
  • help us to keep our environment safe and welcoming when you visit
  • tell us in a timely manner when things go wrong
  • provide additional information in a timely manner, if requested

Ongoing service improvement

If things go wrong or we fail to meet expectations, we want you to tell us. All of your feedback, including comments, compliments and complaints is important to us

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