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Funeral services at York Crematorium

For the safety of our staff and customers, and to help minimise the spread of coronavirus, we've adapted how we're delivering funeral services at York Crematorium.

Following advice from the government about coronavirus a limited numbers of mourners will be able to attend funeral services inside York Crematorium (due to social distancing restrictions within the available space):

  • the White Rose Chapel (which usually seats up to 100 mourners, with provision for a further 100 standing) can accomodate up to 18 mourners
  • the Ebor Chapel (which usually seats up to 25 mourners, with no standing space) can accommodate up to 5 mourners
  • the waiting room and main toilets within the building are closed, however the external toilets near the book of remembrance are open

A 'live stream' of the funeral service can be provided, or a recording of the ceremony can be sent to the family; get more information on funeral media (including music).

Protecting mourners at York Crematorium

If you have symptoms of coronavirus must follow government guidelines to stay at home, and not attend a funeral service.

Arrangements are in place ensure funerals are appropriately scheduled so that they do not overlap, and each group of mourners are given plenty of privacy.

To ensure mourners are protected:

  • the chapel has been adapted so those attending the funeral are able to observe social distancing safely
  • service times are restricted to 20 minutes
  • family bearers are not allowed to carry the coffin or walk alongside the coffin
  • mourners are asked to sit at least 2 metres apart, however family members from the same household bubble are able to sit together
  • hand sanitizing stations are provided at the entrance and exit
  • after every service the chapel is thoroughly cleaned, before another service can take place
  • a one-way system is in place inside the chapel to help minimise the area which needs to be cleaned between services

We reserve a 15 minute interval between funeral services, to prepare the chapel for the next group of mourners. The lower crematorium fee reflects the current shorter services, while accounting for additional cleaning staff and resources required at this time.

Ceremony options at York Crematorium

York Crematorium offers a high standard of care and support to each member of the community, regardless of their beliefs and culture, so you can have a cremation service which is meaningful to you and your loved ones.

Each funeral service can be personalised to create an appropriate and meaningful ceremony for your loved one.

Find out more about:

There is an electronic organ and a visual display system in the White Rose Chapel only.

Civil funerals at York Crematorium

A 'civil' funeral is a non-religious funeral, with an emphasis on the wishes, beliefs and values of the deceased person and their family. A civil funeral is appropriate for either a cremation or burial, and can help to create a meaningful ceremony for this final act of love and respect.

Civil funerals can take place almost anywhere except for religious buildings and churches.

Our Crematorium Celebrant Service, or celebrants from York Register Office, can deliver professional and sensitive civil funeral ceremonies. Alternatively, your funeral director can help you find a local celebrant or officiant; more information is also available from:

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Humanist funerals at York Crematorium

Humanists funerals offer a personal way to celebrate a life for those who have lived without religion.

Before the funeral, a humanist officiant will normally visit your family to plan the ceremony, and to form a picture of the person. At this stage families can discuss various options for the ceremony.

Humanist funeral ceremonies may take place at crematoria, cemeteries, woodland burial grounds, and other burial grounds (subject to restriction).

For more information about how to arrange a humanist funeral visit the British Humanist Association website.

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Religious services at York Crematorium

A local minister or faith leader in your area can lead a religious service at York Crematorium, which either takes place at the crematorium, or in your own building of worship before you reach the crematorium; your funeral director will arrange this.

If the service takes place at a church the minister will carry out the 'committal service' at the crematorium, which friends and family can attend. Otherwise a full service will take place at the crematorium, which may include a sermon, prayers, a reading and perhaps 1 or 2 hymns.

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Floral tributes

Following a service at York Crematorium flowers can be left in the floral display area adjacent to the White Rose chapel exit doors. Tributes are removed from this area around a week after the service (dependent on weather conditions) with any plastics recycled.

Please be aware the crematorium grounds are open to the environment and can sometimes be visited by deer, rabbits and squirrels who can, on occasion eat or disturb flowers.

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