It's important to report a bereavement at an address as we may need to update our records regarding the council tax details at the property.

In some cases, an exemption or discount may become due at the address to reflect the change in circumstances. You can apply for any exemptions or discounts which may be due at the same time as reporting the bereavement.

inform us of a bereavement

If you prefer, you can use the Tell Us Once bereavement service, which is provided by the Department for Work and Pensions, to report a death to multiple local and central government services. This can be helpful to reduce ‘paperwork’ when you’re coping with the emotional difficulties of bereavement.

Exemptions or discounts may not automatically be applied at the property if you use the Tell Us Once service.

Exemption at an empty property

An exemption may be applied for council tax if the deceased party was:

  • the only person at the address
  • the owner of the property

The exemption will last for 6 months after probate is granted in respect of the deceased person's estate, or until such time as there is a new owner or occupier, whichever is sooner.

A change of ownership or sale of a vacant property is usually dependent on when probate is granted.

Single occupancy discount at a property

If, following a bereavement, there's only 1 adult occupant left at an address a single occupancy discount may apply.

You're able to request a single occupancy discount when you inform us of a bereavement online.

Change of liable party for an empty property

If the deceased party wasn't the owner, then liability for council tax will be transferred to the owner or landlord of the property.

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