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Characterisation Project Interactive Map

We produced Character Statements for 76 Character Areas through the York Historic Environment Characterisation Project .

Map of York's Character Areas

Use the map to explore York's Character Areas; access each Character Statement by clicking in any Area.

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Area A: The Historic Core

The York Central Historic Core Conservation Area Appraisal determines Character Areas within York's Historic Core.

Areas 2 and 3 (Bootham and St Mary’s) have been joined for convenience. Hungate, which is not included in the Conservation Area, has been added to Area 8 (Aldwark).

There are 24 Character Statements for the Historic Core (Areas 1 to 24), examining:

  • archaeological background
  • visible character
  • buried archaeological evidence and significance

Each document is designed to complement the assessments of the York Central Historic Core Conservation Area Appraisal.

Area B: Suburban York

There are 52 Character Areas for Suburban York (areas 25 to 76) from the edges of the Historic Core Conservation Area to the outer ring road.

These are areas which have often been previously overlooked when assessing York’s historic environment. Character Statements examine the general character of an Area using texts, photographs and maps. These are compiled using the York Historic Environment Record, along with a number of published sources, site visits, historic maps and photographs.

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