Castle Gateway Masterplan

In November and December 2017 we asked for your views on Castle Gateway ideas - although the deadline for formal feedback has passed, you can take a look at the latest information on the Castle Gateway Masterplan and join the conversation online.

The Ouse and the Foss shape the Castle Gateway area and the experience of the people who use and visit. But the rivers and the riversides are under-used. These ideas look to make the rivers are key attraction and route into and around the city. The ideas also explore uses for the Foss Basin. It has been the site of mills, laundry and bathing, and the modern pumping station shows its continued importance top the city.

Explore ideas for the River Corridors area

Use the map to explore ideas for developing the River Corridors area.

Clickable map of the River Corridors area

Clickable map of the River Corridors area

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Aerial view of the River Corridors area

Aerial view of the River Corridors area


Through  the 'My Castle Gateway' project we discovered what mattered to people about the area is:

  • connection and views to the Ouse and the Foss
  • the history of New Walk as a an engineered route into the city centre
  • Tower Gardens – the only formal park in the area
  • making more of the Foss Basin without losing its sense of being a hidden place
  • having quiet, peaceful areas for reflection
  • river activities and wildlife

In the River Corridors area people want to:

  • enjoy Tower Gardens with less traffic noise and better management of flooding
  • sit and enjoy river views, boats and wildlife
  • follow the rivers into the city centre
  • see and take part in activities next to and on the rivers

The challenges in the River Corridors area are:

  • dealing with flood risk whilst allowing public access and use
  • crossing the gyratory whilst following river corridors
  • thinning out trees to improve views, particularly in Tower Gardens
  • bridging the river Foss in more places
  • enjoying the rivers safely

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