Castle Gateway Masterplan

In November and December 2017 we asked for your views on Castle Gateway ideas - although the deadline for formal feedback has passed, you can take a look at the latest information on the Castle Gateway Masterplan and join the conversation online.

Residents value St George’s Field as a greenspace and route into the city. Visitors view it as an unattractive car and coach park on the wrong side of the inner ring road. Even taking into account the flood protection needs, there is potential to make much more of this site.

Explore ideas for the St George's Field

Use the map to explore ideas for developing the St George's Field area.

Clickable map of St George's Field area

Clickable map of St George's Field area

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Aerial view of St George's Field area

Aerial view of St George's Field area


Through  the 'My Castle Gateway' project we discovered what mattered to people about the area is:

  • this is a place of arrival and first impressions, historically and in the present day
  • this is the best place to view and understand the southern gateway to the city and the castle
  • people have memories of fairs and of enjoying the water (though swimming would be dangerous today)
  • St George’s Field is part of the ‘active floodplain’ – this means the place is allowed to flood in order to prevent flooding of the city centre

In the St George's Field area people want to:

  • walk and cycle easily between Saint George’s Field and the castle and on to the city centre
  • create a better ‘welcome’ for visitors to the city
  • make the most of views of the castle walls and Clifford’s Tower
  • deal with flooding in ways which do not prevent other uses

The challenges in the St George's Field area are:

  • not increasing flood risk
  • managing traffic on the ring road (Tower Street)

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