Castle Gateway Masterplan

In November and December 2017 we asked for your views on Castle Gateway ideas - although the deadline for formal feedback has passed, you can take a look at the latest information on the Castle Gateway Masterplan and join the conversation online.

Piccadilly developed as a street throughout the 19th and 20th centuries to improve access to the city centre. Once a flood plain, it was then used for industry and warehousing. With these uses gone, development is needed to give the area a role in 21st century York.

Explore ideas for the Piccadilly area

Use the map to explore ideas for developing the Piccadilly area.

Clickable map of the Piccadilly area

Clickable map of the Piccadilly area

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Aerial view of the Piccadilly area

Aerial view of the Piccadilly area


Through a series of walks, talks and online discussions during the 'My Castle Gateway' project we discovered what mattered to people about the area is:

  • a working place with workshops, warehouses and mills
  • potential for independent and creative businesses
  • character buildings, such as Merchant Adventurers Hall, the Red Lion, and the Banana Warehouse facade
  • new, innovative development, such as Spark:York

In the Piccadilly area people want to:

  • support local businesses and creative start-ups
  • value heritage, add new buildings and more activities
  • access the River Foss from Piccadilly and cross easily to the Eye of York
  • enjoy a more attractive environment and new buildings

The challenges in the Piccadilly area are:

  • much of the land and buildings in private ownership
  • flood risk affecting the southern half of Piccadilly
  • transport constraints, such as vehicular and pedestrian access

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