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We’re asking you to help shape the high quality public spaces which will replace Castle Car Park and the wider Eye of York area.

Join the events or the online discussions to look in more detail at how we can create new spaces and new routes which connect Clifford’s Tower, the Eye of York, Tower Gardens and the Castle Museum.

Last year, the council’s Executive approved an ambitious masterplan for the Castle Gateway area. It balances many views and interests from the public, along with the history and heritage of the area, and the technical, planning and commercial possibilities of the site.

Planning applications for the first 'work package' (of four) are due to be submitted in June and July 2019, and contain developments which are essential to deliver the centrepiece of the masterplan – the public space round Eye of York and Clifford’s Tower.

View the final Castle Gateway designs

We asked for your comments on the initial plans for Castle Gateway in March, at events online and through social media. We're now sharing the final designs, which are based on your feedback, before making a planning application. Our drop-in events feature an exhibition of the proposals, and the opportunity to talk to our team about the plans.

Once submitted, you will be able to follow and make representations on the planning application via the Planning Portal; statutory consultation dates will also be set after the planning application has been submitted and validated.

  Work package 1 Work package 2
Public engagement March 2019 Summer 2019
Planning applications submitted June/July 2019 Early 2020
Contractor appointed Autumn 2019 Autumn 2020
Start on site Early 2020 Autumn 2021
Outcome New multi-storey car park complete spring 2021 Castle Car Park closes, work starts on public spaces

Artist's impression of Castle Mills BridgeArtist's impression of Tower BridgeArtist's impression of Tower Street


Next steps for the Castle Gateway Masterplan

The new multi-storey car park at St George's Field will allow Castle Car Park to close. The residential development will pay for the multi-storey car park. Each site offers new public spaces, and improved pedestrian and cycle access.

Map showing locations of work package one

Map showing locations of work package one

We know how much the Castle and Eye of York area means to people, which is why the masterplan only sets out what the space will be used for - how it should look and feel will be the next stage of our public engagement.

The multi-storey car park has to come first, and that means we’ve got until it is built to put all our plans in place, so the transformation of Castle and Eye of York is as swift as possible. This summer we’ll explore your hopes and ambitions for the Castle and Eye of York area. We'll also use temporarily closures of Castle car park (to host events such as the Shakespeare’s Rose theatre) to see what works and what lessons we can learn for the future.

Map showing locations included in work package two

Map showing locations included in work package two

Stay involved with the Castle Gateway Masterplan

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