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Our Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) operates from the York Travel and Control Centre (YTCC), which is located at West Offices.

As well as public space surveillance we work with the police to deal with incidents of crime and disorder. Our staff also deal with:

  • car park security
  • event management (such as cycle events, York Marathon, York Races)
  • 'Storenet', a service to private retail premises, including a radio link with store detectives. On an evening this service is provided to licensed premises and door staff
  • barrier control (such as on-street rising bollards and car park barriers)
  • traffic and travel information
  • production of evidence (for police, solicitors, insurance companies)
  • welfare and security checks of our on-street staff

CCTV and traffic management

CCTV is an integral part of our strategy for managing the highway network.

We have a separate Network Management office in the YTCC that uses the CCTV system to assist with traffic control.

CCTV Code of Practice

The CCTV Code of Practice sets out how we'll use CCTV in York to obtain our "stated objectives", whilst adhering to all relevant legislation.

We recognise that the use of CCTV cameras in public places is a sensitive issue and can potentially have an impact on the privacy of residents and visitors.

We need to ensure that any new installations are:

  • proportionate
  • legal
  • accountable
  • necessary

We carry out CCTV Data Protection Impact Assessments to weigh up the benefits and impacts of new installations, and to record other factors that have been considered during the implementation of a scheme.

CCTV footage requests

We're only able to release CCTV footage under certain circumstances. The ways you can request access to footage vary depending on those circumstances.

Any CCTV images recorded are stored on digital recorders and retained for 31 days or until they are no longer required in an investigation.

See details of how we deal with CCTV footage requests.

Using CCTV at home

If you use a domestic CCTV systems to help protect your home you must respect other people’s privacy.

Read more about using CCTV at home and your legal obligations.

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