Conservation Area Appraisals (CAAs) help define the special architectural and historic interest of an area to clarify why it merits 'designation'. An appraisal also identifies the character of the area, and features which should be enhanced or conserved.

Features which may contribute to character include:

  • historic and locally significant buildings
  • green and open spaces
  • significant views
  • natural elements such as trees and waterways
  • features which make the area locally distinct

See York's Central Historic Core Conservation Area Appraisal (HCCAA).

Appraised conservation areas

In recent years, 9 conservation areas (including the central core appraisal above) in York have been appraised in line with the latest guidance from Historic England.

Heritage Topic Paper

The Heritage Topic Paper provides a good background to how York's special character has evolved. It uses evidence and understanding to explain the 6 principle characteristics of the historic environment that help define the special qualities of York.

Village Design Statements

Village Design Statements describe the distinctive character of a village and sets out design guidelines to demonstrate how local character can be protected and enhanced within new development. It is developed by the local community.

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