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Planning and building

Major developments at the former British Sugar Factory and Manor School

The Former British Sugar Factory/Manor School site is a 42 hectare site to the north west of York, approximately 1.4 miles from the city centre.

There are currently ongoing plans for the redevelopment of the site for a new sustainable residential community with public open space and a local community centre.


  • November 2007 to January 2008 - draft York north west issues and options issued for public consultation
  • March 2012 - draft York north west transport master plan produced
  • April 2012 - former British Sugar/Manor School draft supplementary planning document prepared following public consultation
  • November to December 2013 - public consultation on master plan options including public exhibition
  • December 2014 - submission of 2 planning applications - view the application documents:
    • an outline planning application for up to 1,100 residential units, community uses, public open space with details of access, a new link road and demolition of former school buildings, document 14/02789/OUTM (plus duplicate application, document 15/00524/OUTM)
    • a detailed planning application for the construction of a development platform, land engineering works, remediation and reclamation, document 14/02798/FULM (plus duplicate application, document 15/00523/FULM)
  • January 2017 – revised plans for the 4 current applications (as numbered above) have been received and are out to public consultation until 24 February 2017.

Former British Sugar community forum

A community forum was set up in October 2011, to include residents representing the local community and Ward councillors.

The forum has provided an opportunity for the development team to discuss emerging proposals before they are submitted to the council.

Further meetings will be arranged at relevant milestones which will have an ongoing active role in the development of the site.

See the former British Sugar community forum's terms of reference and notes of the meetings in November 2013, July 2014 and February 2015.

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Planning Enquiries

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