The Bootham Park site is extremely important to York. That's why we asked ministers to put the potential sale of the land on hold, while we work with health partners, to explore:

  • how best to guide redevelopment and protect the site's significant heritage
  • how the site could be used and how it interacts with the wider area
  • how a comprehensive approach could have large benefits to the city

We’ve come together under the government’s One Public Estate programme, which supports public bodies to use land and property to boost economic growth, supply housing and regeneration, and integrated public services.

The former Bootham Park Hospital closed when it proved unable to provide a viable and appropriate environment for modern mental health services. With a new 60-bed hospital due to meet current standards of care, when it opens on Haxby Road in 2020, we want to make sure that future developments at Bootham Park continue to protect the significant heritage of the site whil we consider how it interacts with the wider area, at the heart of York.

Feedback on the Bootham Park site

Map of Bootham Park site
  • Map of Bootham Park site

We’ve gathered feedback and spoken in detail to stakeholders to help our designers, IBI Architects, develop a brief which outlines the sensitive redevelopment of the wider Bootham Park site.

We asked for your input on:

  • preserving the past and reflecting the site's history
  • potential future uses of the Bootham Park site
  • improving access, transport links and parking

Read the Bootham Park Open Briefing Notes created using the nearly 2000 comments we received during the consultation:

This is being used to guide some design ideas for the site, which the One Public Estate partnership will share in the new year.

Although the formal consultation period has now closed you can join the conversation on twitter @BoothamParkYork and via

Our exhibition about the Bootham Park site has details of:

  • parts of the site, the land and buildings
  • the history of Bootham Park site
  • what developments can take place
  • opportunities for the site to benefit health, supply housing and integrate public services
  • how development will be paid for


Bootham Park Site

Bootham Park site

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