Environment and animals

Animal grazing

We manage grazing on:

Depending on the location and season, cattle or sheep may be present.

Grazing on the Strays plays a key role in restoring and maintaining species-rich grassland habitats by controlling more aggressive plant species which would otherwise dominate. Livestock grazing removes plant material more gradually than cutting and gives mobile species a better chance to move to other areas within the habitat.

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Walking when livestock are grazing

Be prepared for cattle to react to your presence, especially if you have a dog with you. As a general rule, keep your dog on a lead if you cannot rely on its obedience. Don’t hang onto your dog if you are threatened by cattle, let it go as the cattle will chase the dog and not you.

Move quickly and quietly, and if possible walk around the herd if they are obstructing the path.

Don’t panic or run. Most cattle will stop before they reach you; if they follow just walk on quietly.

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