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Guildhall Ward

Guildhall Ward profile, priorities and budget

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Guildhall Ward profile

The Guildhall Ward profile contains statistical information about the area and is updated regularly.

Consultations and engagement with residents take place in a variety of ways, for example, at ward committee meetings and team meetings. These forums also involve decisions on funding in order to allocate the ward budget in response to local needs and priorities.

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Guildhall Ward priorities

Based on feedback from residents, ward councillors have set the following current ward priorities:

  • to increase recycling
  • better maintenance of parks and green spaces
  • reduction of anti-social behaviour
  • for children to be able to play out safely
  • fewer people suffering from loneliness
  • for people to embrace diversity in their communities

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Guildhall Ward budget

Each ward has a budget to spend on local priorities.

For 2023 to 2024 the ward budget allocation is as follows:

  • £2,394 - summer activity funding
  • £15,338 - ward revenue funding

To find out what has been spent so far, see decisions on funding. You can find out more at your annual ward committee meetings or by contacting your Community Officer.

Consultations and decisions on funding happen at ward committee meetings and through surveys and councillor surgeries.

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Shiona Marsh

Community Officer

West Offices, Station Rise, York, YO1 6GA

Telephone: 07923 232519