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WebHummel - Good Business Charter case study

The Good Business Charter (GBC) is an accreditation scheme that measures an organisation’s behaviour over 10 components:

  1. real living wage
  2. fairer hours and contracts
  3. employee wellbeing
  4. employee representation
  5. diversity and inclusion
  6. environmental responsibility
  7. paying fair tax
  8. commitment to customers
  9. ethical sourcing
  10. prompt payment

York became the first GBC City in 2021 and we are highlighting some of the organisations that are part of our GBC movement.


Logo for WebHummel

WebHummel are a digital marketing agency based in York’s City Centre. Set-up by Tom Harrison five years ago, they are a micro-sized business that signed up to the GBC in 2021.

Founder Tom Harrison said:

We joined the GBC as soon as we heard about it. The charter really aligns with my own personal values and helps us to be a benefit to the local community, society, economy and environment.

Tom, Founder of WebHummel Tom, Founder of WebHummel

WebHummel’s core belief is to help businesses sustainably grow with transparent, and high-quality service. They don’t engage in any “black-hat” tactics or tricks, just recognised good practices and that’s why they were eager to become a GBC member, as they believe in responsible business practices.

Why join the Good Business Charter

Tom stated that “Being a responsible business is superb for gaining clients who appreciate your hard work and values, retaining good staff and you feel like you’re making a difference beyond your office walls!

"I think a lot of the GBC components align with the values of most of today’s responsible business owners. They’re a great resource when making most business decisions and very valuable when looking at subjects related to employment. As part of our commitment to employee well-being, we’ve successfully implemented a 4-day working week at the same pay; it’s resulted in more free time for staff, no reduction in productivity and, happy and motivated employees! We’ve also used the components to make decisions on pay; we implemented a £150/month cost-of-living supplement during last winter to help staff with squeezes on their finances followed by a re-evaluation of overall wage structure to ensure employees had no deductions in “real pay” during times of high inflation”

If you want to join WebHummel and over 90 other York organisations in becoming part of the Good Business Charter movement, sign-up to the accreditation scheme today.

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