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Tele-Products - Good Business Charter Case Study

The Good Business Charter (GBC) is an accreditation scheme that measures an organisation’s behaviour over 10 components:

  1. real living wage
  2. fairer hours and contracts
  3. employee wellbeing
  4. employee representation
  5. diversity and inclusion
  6. environmental responsibility
  7. paying fair tax
  8. commitment to customers
  9. ethical sourcing
  10. prompt payment

York became the first GBC City in 2021 and we're highlighting some of the organisations that are part of our GBC movement.


Tele-Products is a small business based on Northminster Business Park that specialises in the design, manufacture and sale of test and measurement equipment. It trades as First Stop Safety and Crucible Technologies. Founded by Seggy Segaran in 1988, they signed up to the GBC in August 2022.

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Why join the Good Business Charter

Seggy segaran founder of Tele-ProductsSeggy Segaran, founder of Tele-Products

Founder Seggy Segaran signed up to the GBC after being introduced to it by a business acquaintance.

Founder Seggy Segaran said:

The 10 components were clearly outlined on the website, and as we were already complying with the majority of these, getting accredited was very easy.

"We already had a set of stated business values, but the 10 components of the GBC showed us a way of putting them into practice. I could see that the GBC was designed by someone who had many years of experience of running a business."

Benefits which the Good Business Charter has brought to Tele-Products

Employee engagement, recruitment and the brand of the business have improved following GBC accreditation for Tele-Products.

Seggy stated that:

We have much better employee engagement. They feel that their voices are heard and that they share fully in the success of the company. Publicising the commitments of the GBC demonstrates that the company is a fair employer and has helped with recruitment.

"We have done a lot of work in the area of employee representation starting with an anonymous staff survey to understand what they truly thought of the company. There is a regular suggestion scheme with a small reward for participation and this has proven really successful.

"Our most notable initiative, prompted by the GBC, was the introduction of a monthly profit related bonus scheme. Although we had in place an annual bonus scheme, the time delay between company performance and bonus was around 15 months. The monthly scheme provides more immediate feedback on company performance. While the staff enjoy the bonus, they really appreciate being involved so closely with company performance.”

If you want to join Tele-Products and over 90 other York organisations in becoming part of the Good Business Charter movement, sign-up to the accreditation scheme today.

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