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Tang Hall SMART - Good Business Charter Case Study

The Good Business Charter (GBC) is an accreditation scheme that measures an organisation’s behaviour over 10 components:

  1. real living wage
  2. fairer hours and contracts
  3. employee wellbeing
  4. employee representation
  5. diversity and inclusion
  6. environmental responsibility
  7. paying fair tax
  8. commitment to customers
  9. ethical sourcing
  10. prompt payment

York became the first GBC City in 2021 and we're highlighting some of the organisations that are part of our GBC movement.

Tang Hall SMART

Tang Hall SMART are a music, arts and sports Community Interest Company (CIC) based in the Burnholme area of York that specialises in running classes, clubs, activities and events. Founded by Sue and Al Williamson in 2014, they have expanded ten-fold from a micro-sized organisation with 3 employees to a thriving organisation employing 30 people in 2023. They signed up to the GBC in June 2021.

Tang Hall SMART logo

Why join the Good Business Charter

Responsible business practice is embedded within the aims and work of Tang Hall SMART, with it working to provide support to some of the most in-need in society through its employment and education courses for the homeless and adults with additional needs.

Sue Williamson says she signed up to GBC because:

It provides an excellent blueprint of how to conduct business ethically which is more important than ever in the kind of society we find ourselves in today.

Sue Williamson from Tang Hall SMART portrait

Sue Williamson, founder of Tang Hall SMART.

Benefits which the Good Business Charter has brought to Tang Hall SMART

Staff retention, wellbeing and overall productivity has improved for Tang Hall SMART since becoming a GBC accredited organisation.

Sue stated that:

Becoming GBC accredited was the nudge I needed as founder of the company to fully embrace the pegging of staff salaries to the real living wage. The real living wage has provided our staff with the security, that they can work in a community arts and cultural organisation and still attain a reasonable standard of living. The extra cost of paying the real living wage has been more than paid off in the increase in staff wellbeing and loyalty.

If you want to join Tang Hall SMART and over 90 other York organisations in becoming part of the Good Business Charter movement, sign-up to the accreditation scheme today.

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