We aim to improve the educational outcomes, emotional well being and personal development of children and young people through the use of psychology.

We work with children and young people, in partnership with parents/carers and staff, in a variety of educational settings including pre-schools, schools and colleges.

Complex special educational needs

For those with complex special educational needs, who have an Education, Health and Care Plan in place, we have statutory duties to monitor progress and provision up to the age of 25 years if they remain in education or training.

Concern about a child's progress

If you are concerned about your child's progress in their educational setting, you should discuss this with your child’s teacher/tutor or the Special Needs Coordinator (SENCO) in the first instance. Each Local Authority educational setting receives an allocated number of visits per year from a named Educational Psychologist. See contact details for our Educational Psychology Team. Priorities for Educational Psychology time are negotiated with the SENCO at a planning meeting, which usually takes place at the start of each term.

Training for schools and other organisations

There are also a wide range of training and development opportunities available to schools and other organisations from the Educational Psychology Service. See our Educational Psychology traded services brochure.

All Educational Psychologists employed by us are registered with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) and can be found via the HCPC website as 'practitioner psychologists'.

Educational Psychology Team contact details

Educational Psychology Team members Telephone number Email address
Tina Hardman, Principal Educational Psychologist 01904 554305 tina.hardman@york.gov.uk
Andy Keay, Senior Educational Psychologist To be confirmed andy.keay@york.gov.uk
Geraldine Jackson, Senior Educational Psychologist 01904 555085 geraldine.jackson@york.gov.uk

Educational Psychologist contact details

Educational Psychologists Telephone number Email address
Cathy Ardern (also EP for Children Looked After) 01904 555897 cathy.ardern@york.gov.uk
Danielle Hoyle 01904 555605 danielle.hoyle@york.gov.uk
Julia Johns 01904 552900 julia.johns@york.gov.uk
Rachael Lusby 01904 551253 rachael.lusby@york.gov.uk
Andi Stother 01904 552593 andi.stother@york.gov.uk
Emma Truelove 01904 554307 emma.truelove@york.gov.uk
Alison Walker 01904 551445 alison.walker@york.gov.uk
Jo Williams 01904 554321 jo.williams@york.gov.uk
Emily Dodsworth 01904 551784 emily.dodsworth@york.gov.uk
Suzi Dundas To be confirmed suzi.dundas@york.gov.uk

Educational Psychology resources

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