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Early Career Teacher and Legacy ECT support

From September 2022, the City of York Council (CYC) and Pathfinder Teaching School Hub (PTSH) will be working in partnership to deliver Appropriate Body services. This collaboration will ensure the continuation of high-standards and quality support, as well as creating increased capacity in the system. This will provide stability for schools and their Early Career Teachers (ECTs) moving forward. Our aim remains that ECTs registered with CYC and PTSH successfully complete their ECT induction period.

Delivering our shared statutory duty through established resilient systems, we'll ensure that all children have quality education whether in maintained or academy schools. This collaborative partnership will ultimately benefit all children, from all backgrounds and abilities within our region, giving them a “World Class start in life.”

As a partnership we'll continue to support ECTs and schools as part of the statutory ECT induction delivery process. In partnership we'll provide Appropriate Body services for schools within the PTSH area, for schools in their cross-border MATs, and for prominent trusts based in neighbouring local authority areas.

Collaboration underpins the ethos of both the CYC and the PTSH, which serves all schools within Ryedale, Scarborough, and York region. Our joint mission is to provide ECTs with the best possible start to their careers.

We ensure that:

  • schools provide adequate support for ECTs
  • ECT assessment is fair and consistent
  • The Early Career Framework (ECF) is being delivered

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Our ECT Support Service

The ECT Lead Induction Tutors for CYC and PTSH deliver comprehensive support through the induction programme including:

  • welcome meetings for all ECTs
  • guidance on the statutory induction process
  • free support and training for Induction Tutors and Mentors
  • updates for Induction Tutors
  • in-school support from the local authority Lead Induction Tutors
  • administration, support, and guidance if required
  • reminders of when each progress review and formal assessment is due

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Cost of our ECT Support Service

For 2022/23 the cost of both CYC and the Pathfinder Teaching School Hub Appropriate Body service is £100 plus VAT per ECT per year, on the PTSH Full Induction Programme (FIP). Please note that Core Induction Programme (CIP) or School-led (SL) visits or fidelity checks may incur additional costs.

During 2022/23, CYC will be reviewing their Appropriate Body services. This review will be informed by the DfE consultation on Appropriate Body services. The national review will take place in summer 2022 and future arrangements will be confirmed following the completion of this review, expected to be in Autumn 2022.

Please note: ECTs cannot start induction until an Appropriate Body is in place and Qualified Teacher Status checks have been undertaken by the school or organisation delivering the induction.

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How to register your ECTs with an Appropriate Body

  • Year 2 ECTS (both part and full time) already registered with CYC can remain with CYC - there is no need to complete a new ECT registration form.
  • any Legacy ECTs will remain with CYC and are not required to be re-registered
  • Year 1 ECTs who will begin their induction from September 2022 should register with PTSH, we'll then contact you to discuss next steps - this form can be used to both register for Appropriate Body services and also to confirm enrolment on the Ambition Full Induction Programme
  • for schools outside the PTSH area the Appropriate Body offer remains the same for next year – rolling over Y1 ECTs to Y2 as above and registering Y1 ECTs from September using the normal registration form

Please note: the Teaching Regulation Agency will not backdate ECT induction without prior registration, except in the event of systems error.

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Changes to an ECT's contract or hours

Please notify us asap if an ECT’s contract or hours have changed since the last induction period, so that we can calculate revised deadlines. This information is essential for our records and for planning purposes.

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Progress reviews and formal assessments

Progress reviews and formal assessments for 2022/23 for full time ECTs should be submitted within the following windows:

  • Monday 5 December 2022 to Friday 13 January 2023: Progress Review 1 or 3
  • Friday 31 March 2023 to Friday 5 May 2023: Progress Review 2 or 4
  • Friday 7 July 2023 to Friday 21 July 2023: Formal Assessment 1 or 2

The review and assessment periods are normally for one term for full time ECTs. The commencement date is usually the start of term.

For part time ECTs schools will be notified of submission dates. However, a termly progress review is required for all ECTs.

When signing up to the CYC ECT Appropriate Body service schools agree to submit all progress reviews and formal assessments within the submission windows and to do so electronically.

For all CYC Appropriate Body registered ECTs submit forms by email: If you've submitted forms electronically, you don't need to send them again by post, unless they can't be signed with an e-signature.

For all Pathfinder registered ECTs the progress reviews and formal assessments will be via the online ECT manager platform - for more information on this contact PTSH by email:

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All schools that have registered ECTs with York/PTSH as the Appropriate Body will receive reminders about the dates for submission.

The reviews and assessments will be quality assured by the ECT Lead Induction Tutors, and any issues and/or concerns will be raised with the school.

Further clarification about the induction process is available in the Statutory Guidance.

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Concerns about an ECT's performance

You must notify the Appropriate Body as soon as possible if you've any concerns regarding an ECT’s performance. The Appropriate Body will give advice and offer support with a view to ensuring that the ECT meets the Teacher Standards to a satisfactory standard. For further guidance please see the Statutory Guidance or contact us. If an induction extension is required, this must also be agreed with your Appropriate Body.

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Data Protection

Please be aware that in line with the DfE ECT Statutory Guidance, paragraph 2.70 we'll release assessment forms to the new school and Appropriate Body in the event of an ECT moving schools mid-induction if required. It's essential that only staff involved in the induction process have access to the documentation.

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Termination provisions

Although it would not be recommended during the induction period, if a school should wish to de-register York as the appropriate body for an ECT already signed up, then a school should contact us as soon as possible. The ECT will need to be registered with another Appropriate Body for the induction period to continue. This change will only be able to take place at the end of, and between, completed review and assessment periods and the Teacher Regulation Agency (TRA) must also be notified.

Should a school de-register, service charges will not be refunded.

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Legacy ECTs (NQTs)

We also provide independent quality assurance for the “Legacy” ECT (NQT) induction process as part of our role as an 'Appropriate Body'.

There are special arrangements in place for ECTs who have started induction before September 2021.

For ECTs who have started but not completed induction by September 2021 the previous Statutory Guidance is still applicable.

These ECTs have until the end of 2022/23 to complete induction under the 1 year arrangements.

For those ECTs the Appropriate Body will confirm the dates for assessments and the following documentation should be used. For further advice about this particular cohort please contact us.

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