New Scarborough Bridge opening

The new Scarborough Bridge will be open to the public from the afternoon of Thursday 18 April 2019.

Network Rail are currently undertaking work to replace the footbridge attached to Scarborough (rail) Bridge on behalf of the council.

The existing footbridge is a popular crossing over the River Ouse with over 3,000 pedestrians crossing it daily.

Improvements at Scarborough Bridge

The new bridge will greatly improve this crossing and connect directly to York Railway Station.

It will also provide:

  • a traffic-free route between the railway station, city centre and residential suburbs
  • more space for pedestrians, cyclists, pushchairs, wheelchairs and those with mobility issues
  • ramps and stepped access to cater for more users
  • improved connectivity of the National Cycle Network (routes 65 and 658)
  • an available crossing when flood defences are closed
Scarborough bridge impression

Artist's impression of Scarborough Bridge

We believe the new traffic-free bridge will become a new popular route into the city centre for many of York's visitors, regular commuters and local residents.

Scarborough Bridge progress update

At the beginning of April 2019:

  • piling works in the embankments have been completed
  • the existing footbridge was removed on 9/10 Februrary; signed diversions via Lendal Bridge are in place
  • the new bridge was lifted into place in two separate pieces, overnight on 2/3 March and 9/10 March

Funding the Scarborough Bridge upgrade

The estimated cost of the proposed new bridge is £4million.

This is being funded by a number of sources:

We're leading on this project, in partnership with Network Rail.

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