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Reporting speeding concerns

Concerns about speeding are currently examined through the York and North Yorkshire Road Safety Partnership.

Complete a speed concern report form on the North Yorkshire Police website to request an investigation of your concerns about speeding in York.

See more about how North Yorkshire Police deal with speed concerns on their website.

How speed concern reports are dealt with

When you have submitted your speed concern report form to North Yorkshire Police, they'll:

  • acknowledge receipt of your form by email
  • examine accident records and traffic speeds on the road you've reported
  • decide whether any action should be taken
  • inform you of their decision when they've completed their investigation

The speed concern report process only looks at concerns about an existing speed limit, where you feel there's a need for some form of police speed enforcement.

We deal with requests for a change of speed limit via a different process.

Speed Review Investigations

North Yorkshire Police Traffic Bureau have been managing and administering the 'Speed Review Investigations' (SRI) process since October 2015.

North Yorkshire Police Community Speed Watch regularly publishes updated information regarding SRIs across North Yorkshire on the Traffic Bureau website.

Speed Review Investigation process

How to register your concerns

We ask that you complete a speed concern report form, filling in as many of the details as possible, as this will help officers to focus their limited resources on the right issues.

You cannot submit concerns by email, as each of the organisations in the partnership use different computer systems, so the online form currently remains the most efficient way to submit information.

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Investigation process timeframes

The time an investigation takes can vary, depending on the number of other investigations ongoing at that time. It also depends on the site and whether relevant data has already been collected.

Due to the very limited staff resources we have available, it can take between 6 and 12 months for investigations to be concluded.

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Multiple investigation requests

Only one form is required to trigger an investigation. Sending multiple copies of the same complaint complicates the administrative process and will often lengthen the amount of time it takes to look at all the issues. However everyone who submits a form will get an acknowledgement and will receive feedback from the investigation process.

Sites are prioritised using the findings of each investigation, with priority always being given to those sites which have a history of speed related casualties. Receipt of multiple requests will not further prioritise a particular site.

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Criteria for assessing speed issues

We work to the criteria agreed by council members in October 2006, which is based on the national criteria as set out by the Department for Transport Circular 01/2006, and the National Police Chiefs' Council national guidance and enforcement.

Download information on the criteria used to assess speeding complaints, which is also included with the yearly report.

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Community Speed Indicator Device Scheme

Community Speed Indicator Devices (SIDs) notify drivers of their speed and the appropriate speed at which they should be travelling.

If you think you have a speed issue on your street that SID could help with, you can complete a speed concern report form.

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Speed camera requests

Demand for action to reduce speeds on residential streets in York is high.

Police enforcement using the safety camera van is one of a range of tools available, which may or may not be appropriate for use at a given site, depending on the outcome of any investigation under the speed review process.

Placement of the camera van is entirely at the discretion of North Yorkshire Police, whose current policy is that all requests must be processed through the Speed Review process.

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Repeat investigation requests

Because of the time and costs associated with investigating speeding complaints, we would not normally consider a second investigation at the same location within 3 years.

If it becomes evident that the situation at that location has changed substantially since the original investigation, we may consider a new request.

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