Apply for a premises licence

If you want to supply alcohol or provide regulated entertainment on your premise, then you need a premise licence.

You can download and complete the premise licence application form and return to us. You can also refer to the additional guidance notes to help complete your application.

You must send the following with your application form:

See Where to send application forms for further information.

Advertising your application

A pale blue notice of application must be displayed on your premise for the full 28 day application period.

A press notice must also be advertised within 10 working days of the application submission. The accepted publications for the York area are The Press or Yorkshire Post.

A delay or error in publishing your application may deem the application as invalid. A press pro forma can be used as a guide to the requirements of the notice.

Tacit consent

Tacit consent applies if no relevant representations are made during the 28 day notice period.  The application will be deemed granted after the last date for representation.

If relevant representation is made within the notice period tacit consent does not apply, a public hearing of the Licensing Sub-Committee must be held to determine the application. The hearing will be held within 20 working days after the last date for representation. The hearing date may be extended if it is considered to be in the public interest to do so.

You will hear from us at the end of the 28 day representation period.

Other related application forms

You will need a provisional statement application form to apply for a provisional premises licence where premises are being built (or altered/extended).

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