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If you collect money for a charity or organisation in a public place (on public or private land) you'll need a street collection permit.

Apply for a street collection permit

To apply for street collection permit complete a:

Return your form to Licensing Service at least 28 days before the collection is due to take place.

Allow at least another 7 working days for your application to be processed.

There is no cost for a street collection permit, but you do have to follow the street collection regulations.

The 'booking diary' opens on 1 August each year for the following year's collections.

The following restrictions apply to street collections:

  • you're allowed 4 street collections per year
  • only 1 street collection can take place on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday within York city centre

Additional permission for street collections

You may also need:

To collect on private land you'll need permission from the land owner.

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