Dodsworth Area Residents' Association

The Residents' Association meets the first Tuesday of the month at 6pm at St Wulstan's Church, Fossway. The Association also hosts estate walkabouts to identify areas for improvement in the neighbourhood. For more information about when these occur and to give your ideas for improvements to the area, email:

Area, projects and funding

Dodsworth Residents' Association is in the Heworth ward - see a map of the area covered by the Association.

Housing Environment Improvement Programme

The Housing Environment Improvement Programme (HEIP) helps to deliver 'local priorities' including things tenants have identified as important in their area.

Any ideas for making your area a better place to live, which might attract HEIP funding, can be submitted to your local councillor, Residents' Association, Community Involvement Officer or Estate Manager, for discussion at a ward team meeting.

When local priorities and scheme suggestions have been agreed, we'll update this page with more information.

Get involved

For more information about the Residents' Association or to come along to a meeting, contact the Secretary of Dodsworth Area Residents' Association by email:

Alternatively you can contact:

Committee members

  • Chair: Jean Longhurst
  • Vice-Chair: Mike Longhurst
  • Treasurer: Marie Taylor
  • Secretary: Amy Halliwell

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