Trees in conservation areas

Trees in conservation areas are protected. Without our written consent 'Tree Preservation Order' (TPO) you may not:

  • cut down trees
  • top or lop trees
  • uproot or cut roots
  • cause wilful damage or destruction

Work on trees in conservation areas

If you want to cut down or carry out work on a tree in a conservation area you must give us six weeks' prior notice describing your proposal and including sufficient information to identify the appropraite tree(s).


Once a notification has been received, you will be sent a formal acknowledgement. If you have not heard back from us within six weeks you may proceed with the work.

If permission is not given, a 'Tree Preservation Order' (TPO) may be placed on the tree.

Map of Tree Preservation Order (TPO) and Conservation Areas (hatched)

Zoom in to see areas. Click on an area (or tree) for more information.

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Tree Preservation Orders can be individual trees or the shaded Areas (green), Groups (blue) and woodlands (pink). In general you should regard all trees within conservation areas as protected and seek advice.

Please note: mapped tree positions are for guidance purposes only and should not be considered accurate and complete. For full details always contact the local Authority's Arboricultural staff on (01904) 551371 (private protected trees) or (01904) 551316 (Council owned trees).

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