Graffiti spoils the local environment. It is criminal damage and can encourage other forms of anti social behaviour. It can also be costly to remove from properties.

We will remove graffiti from public property.

Use our eForm to report graffiti to be cleared from public property.

report a graffiti problem

We aim to:

  • remove offensive graffiti in 24 hours
  • remove non-offensive graffiti in 4 working days

The removal of graffiti from a private property is the responsibility of the property owner.

Graffiti on public property

Public property includes:

  • council houses and other council buildings
  • council fences, walls or boundaries
  • ancient monuments and some memorials
  • city walls and bar walls
  • some bridges
  • play equipment in council play areas
  • street furniture, such as seats
  • dog bins and litter bins
  • bus stops
  • sign posts
  • bollards

Graffiti on private property

We're unable to remove graffiti from private property.

Our Neighbourhood Enforcement Officers can discuss options with you if you're a property owner. They can advise you on the removal of graffiti from private residential or commercial properties.

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