Once you know a building control application is required you can decide on the type of application you want to submit:

  • full plans application
  • building notice application

Full plans application

To make this type of building control application, complete the full plans/building notice application form.

These applications must be accompanied with detailed plans of the proposal that allow a full assessment to be made:

  • one copy of the proposed plans for domestic applications
  • two copies of the proposed plans for commercial applications

Please ensure each plan has a unique reference number/identifier.

If the plans comply with the 'Building Regulations Approved Documents' an approval (often with conditions) can be issued. The requisite notice will be sent to you, along with a schedule detailing the plan reference numbers that are referred to.

Getting full plans approval leaves much less to chance on site and gives you the opportunity to obtain a more accurate estimate from a builder.

For smaller domestic schemes applications can be submitted electronically, and it is our longer term goal to be able to receive all applications in this manner within the next 12 months.

Application fees are payable in two parts. You pay for the plans to be checked when you submit the application and later you pay an inspection fee when works start. For schemes not inspected for 5 years or more, there is a new charge.

Building notice application

To make this type of building control application complete the full plans/building notice application form.

The full fee is payable when the application is submitted.

This is a simplified procedure for smaller, less complex domestic work, such as removing a load bearing wall or installing a ground floor toilet.

A building notice application does not require plans to be submitted and work can begin 48 hours after the form and fee have been deposited with us.

You will receive an acceptance letter and a set of building control inspection request cards.

The risk with this type of application is that the absence of an approved plan, checked by a Building Control Officer, can lead to mistakes being made that are not identified until an officer visits the site.

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