There are lots of routes for getting trained and working with 'Children Services, Education and Skills' (CSES).

Working with young people

Professionals working with young people come from a range of backgrounds, such as:

  • careers workers
  • youth workers
  • social workers
  • probation workers
  • police officers
  • health practitioners
  • data analysts
  • administrators

Visit our jobs website for all vacancies.

If you have experience of and are interested in temporary paid work caring and supporting children and young people, visit 'WorkwithYork' for more information.

Find out about working on short breaks for disabled children.

Volunteering with young people

CSES recruits, trains and supports volunteers to work with us. Volunteers bring experience, skills and a different way of looking at things, and we have a range of opportunities where the job is best done by a committed member of the public rather than by a professional.


  • Youth Justice - York Youth Offending Team (YOT) is a multi professional, multi agency team with staff employed by different organisations (for instance North Yorkshire Police, Probation Service, Health Service).
    Roles within this area are: Youth Offending Team Officer and Youth Offending Team Worker
  • Community Youth Support - provides youth and community development, working alongside local communities and the voluntary sector to ensure there is a range of positive activities and services for all young people as well as providing targeted support for young people who are struggling. Roles within this area are: Youth and Community Development Lead, Personal Support and Inclusion Worker and Youth Support Worker
  • Mentors – we provide a range of mentoring services to target young people and looked after young people
  • Missing from home return interviewers (Independent Return Interviewers)
  • Volunteer Advocates

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All staff are considered to be part of the Children's Workforce in York. To understand more about what that means, please visit the YorOk website.

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